Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters have their start in the wild wild west. Many moons ago the high sheriff declared his town to be a gun free zone. The cowboys did not take kindly to this approach and devised a new way to carry their pistols. They concealed carry !

That’s right, these budding entrepreneurs developed the custom leather shoulder holster as a way to sneak their guns into towns !

Through trial and error, and messing up a lot of good leather they finally created the shoulder rig. These new shoulder holsters allowed the wearer to carry their firearm in multiple positions.

The vertical position allowed the wearer to carry his sidearm pointed toward the ground or in an upward position. The horizontal position allows for the wearer to carry his or her firearm with the barrel pointing toward the rear.

Comfortable to wear, shoulder holsters normally distribute the weight of the firearm on the users shoulder and back. One of the advantages is that it enables you to carry your firearm over your chest or with your sidearm nestled in your armpit.

Shoulder holsters have come a long way since the old west. Todays versions offer more versatility and comfort. If you are looking for something different than a shoulder holster then look here.