Inside Waistband Holsters

Inside Waistband Holsters

Looking for a new inside waistband holster to replace that flimsy crap you purchased on an auction site ? You’ve come to the right place ! We are affiliated with many of the largest holster manufactures in the country. It is our goal to bring you quality products at affordable prices.

Meeting the requirements for deep concealment these IWB holsters will make your sidearm virtually disappear. Inside the waistband holsters allow you the ability to conceal carry in a very discreet fashion. No one will ever suspect that you are legally carrying your firearm. IWB holsters are a great choice for narrow frame or smaller semi-auto pistols.

When carrying your gun, retention may also be a concern. Some manufactures do make inside the waist band holsters with retention screws or straps that are easily adjustable to suit your individual needs.

IWB holsters allow you to protect your body from sharp points and rough edges, while at the same time providing you a way to comfortably carry your concealed weapon. Not all IWB holsters offer a comfortable wear. Those without sweat shields may cause chaffing, discomfort, and damage to your gun.

Available in several styles from the tuckable version, which allows you to tuck in your shirt. To the basic versions that are either clipped over your belt, or are physically attached to your belt with belt loops. An advantage to and inside the waistband holster is that it restricts movement of your firearm.

Breaking In Your IWB Holster

As a result of them being new, breaking in your leather inside waistband holsters may take a week or two. Over a period of time, it will slowly mold itself to your body. If you are looking to purchase a leather inside waistband holster, then you may also wish to purchase some leather dressing. Used sparingly leather dressing will keep your holster from cracking due to it drying out over time. If you are looking for something other than an inside waist band holster then check here.